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Mandatory Questions to Ask a Painting Contractor Before Hiring One:

Published 03.03.22

Do You Have an Insurance/Permit?

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a contractor for a residential paint update or a domestic painting refurbishment, is ensuring that your contractor encounters all of the necessary insurances and all of the required permits. The two types of insurance a painting contractor should acquire are: 1) Comprehensive Business Liability; 2) Workmen's Compensation. These permits are a must when working as a professional painter. The insurances ensure coverage for the workers injuries during the painting procedure, and coverage to property damage that may have occurred because of the painter. Professional painters should also acquire their commercial insurance in order to oppose themselves and their business if they tarnish their clients' domestic property or harm someone or themselves and cannot pay for the damages that they have made. That is why you have to be convinced that your workers possess special permits, so that your painting operation results in a successful, advantageous and satisfying procedure.

Do You Have a Safety Program or Terms to Follow?

There is a very high possibility that an accident can happen at any job when not following safety terms. It is very important to take safety policies very seriously to avoid all mishaps. Calamities can cause injuries, permanent damages, delays, and halts to the working day, they can also be very unsafe to you and the surrounding people. Something as small as applying the wrong paint and polish can lead to various dangerous problems. That is why, when hiring a painter, you need to be assured that your contractor follows safety guides, acquires experience, obtains proper painting techniques, acceptable materials, and thorough training. You can avert almost all probabilities of misconceptions and accidents if you ensure that your contractor encounters specialized training and complies to a safety program.


What kind of Materials Do You Use?

The quality of equipment, materials, and paint used in any domestic residential painting operation will most definitely impact the authentic result, appearance, and the longevity of your walls, ceilings and any other interior of your residency. For example, the dissimilarities between expensive paint versus cheaper paint can show its differences in the price, ingredients and the dried results. The quality of rollers, primers, and polishes also play a big role in the efficiency of the outcome. That is why it is very essential to specify the brand's and types of equipment that will be used for your procedure, so your contractor wouldn't use the cheapest materials that are accessible in order to save money and make profit off of you. Attain your desirable results by asking this question.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

This may be another reason why you should ask your contractor questions before actually hiring them. You need to be 100% convinced that your painter has received specialized training as a painter. Being professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and well-trained in the painting industry is very important. It certainly reduces the number of mistakes that will be made, it results in consistent and efficient results, it unquestionably averts mishaps and accidents from occurring and it allows the whole procedure to be exclusively completed, in a well-timed manner, with exceptional and outstanding results. Make sure you ask questions on how the painters get trained, how much experience do they have and how long have they been working for in this specific industry to assure that you will get promising, satisfying and reliable results.


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